certified adobe hater

art by Katsuya Terada

i enjoy observing art so i think i’ll keep using my blog entries as a means of sharing some.

adobe products suck ass. they tried to disable my shit today but i’m smarter than them. i will not be paying $21 dollars for something that runs so slow. no i don’t want a 25% off discount. fuck you!!!

designing my website around my motifs proves difficult sometimes.

i can’t find joy in things unless i’m devoting a portion of my time to something creative. every webmaster here gives the same excuses: an escape from social media, nostalgia for the old web, etc etc. for me, it’s something to do when i need to get my mind off of things. i may not be good at doing the things i need to do to survive, but at least i’m doing things i’m passionate about. that’s all i want out of life.