happy december

i quit my job. i was under a lot of stress and felt manic when one of my coworkers started being an asshole to me in front of everyone during my shift. as someone who has been a hermit for most of my life, and who is accustomed to passive-aggressiveness, this sudden threatening aura messed with my mental state, and i had to walk out. i wouldn't be able to focus on my job after that and i felt like they'd fire me anyways. i wanted the job but i'm sure there are better opportunities for me.

in other much lighter news, i have an appointment with a clinic to start hrt. a really nice, older friend of mine helped me get established and offered to take me as well as my partner who had to stop due to financial reasons.

sometimes things just work out in ways you wouldn’t expect them to. i think that’s what keeps me going, knowing that i can never confidently predict where my life is headed.

i’ve decided that i don’t need to constantly update everyone on the state of my site, but i am so frustrated!!! my laptop was supposed to be fixed months ago but the store ordered the wrong part and the new one needs to be shipped from china. even worse, it should be here by now!!! i don’t know what’s taking so long but i am giving them the benefit of the doubt since i probably wouldn’t fix it on my own.

i miss fruity loops more than anything. i’m getting bored.