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C a n d l e L i t S m i l e s
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welcome, transient.
i'm candle. i created this site to satiate my own boredom. here i talk about the anachronistic media i enjoy, observe the trasmutation of past and present, and share any projects i might've worked on.

this is the nerve center of my site, linking you to my virtual consciousness...

i recommend checking the about and more about pages first. they should give you an idea of what to expect moving forward.

thoughts is where i share ruminations, as well as cool things i've found or learned. soundscapes is where i keep my music. it isn't much right now, but whenever i feel inclined to i'll expand on it.

the corridor is where my media reviews and resources that don't have their own pages are located. you might find something cool in there.

feel free sign the guestbook. questions, recommendations, critique and praise are all welcome.

"no matter where you go, everyone's connected."
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established march 3rd, 2023